Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I wish...

I wish I had started keeping record of the pearls of wisdom that roll off the tongues of my 4 girls. Lucky for Cookie(who cannot speak yet)(because she's a baby) her devoted mother will endeavour to blog all her future funnies for future embarrassment. Boyfriends of the future(like when theres flying cars) be warned, we laugh out loud in this family and AT each other so harden up lads!
Anywho, Miss Mudpie has started kindergarten this week. She tags along with Miss Cheesecake and is most excited when completing her homework and reading is especially enthralling with books like yesterdays, called "Cap". Hmm. Said book has one word on each page and each word rhymes with cap. Is this really a book? Is this literature? I'm thinking its a poem Muddy. Sorry Mud. But its verse Yeah? Maybe this sounds a little unrealistic but I believe my girl could tackle this 'learning to read' thing head on. I want to see at least "The cat in the hat" or perhaps send a little Mem Fox home in the reading folder?
Its not that I have such high expectations of our Muddy Mudpie but rather her teacher, her school; no the Australian department of Education. Come on Australia, give our Kindy kids a challenge.
Anyway, enough rant.
The second book Mudpie brought home was called "Clown". A whole 2 letters longer per word than cap. Impressive yeah? It went a little something like this,
clown, crown, town, frown. That was a whole book. Right there, the whole damn book (4 WORDS!) So, I ask Muddy to tell me the words and she was stuck on frown. So I told her to look at the picture of the woman furrowing her brow ferociously and tell me a word that sound like clown. She says 'angry'. Try again Muddy, look it starts with an 'F'.