Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Over this evenings desert of frozen yogurt our Mudpie "Muddy" informs us that her sister Pudding is eating "Flamingo" flavor.
We looked at each other, the Daddy man and I, and we both came very close to wetting our selves.
I'm sorry. I don't mean with a glass of water either.
After a subtle correction ( God? Would it be cruel to send them out into the big wide world without correcting them?) and giggles all round, we tried the Flamingo flavour and collectively decided that yes. Mango was indeed the tastiest treat tonight.


  1. You're going on Date Night alwo? Grrreat! We'll see ya there and we can all hang out together!

    I bet you will have some questions after the pawty is over!

    Can't wait!

    Riley and Star.

  2. Hi there,
    Good to see that you had come to see me!! I love a good black and white picture too!!!! Of cource that's all we had way back in the dark days. So so far back!! When I was a girl and now I am a grandmother!!!!
    Come back again.
    XXOO, Fern

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